Darren Tynan is an interdisciplinary artist and educator from Perth, Australia. Tynan's photographic works have featured in various international and local exhibitions. As an artist, he explores serendipity as a generative device and embraces technical malfunction and failure as a mode of archaeology and cultural criticism. In his series, Fear of Missing Out, Tynan documents video compression errors using broadcasts from free-to-air Australian television channels. By intercepting broadcast signals, Tynan explores transmission glitches as a serendipitous phenomenon and as a creative tool in the photographic process.

His most recent work, The Anthropocene, is a two-sided collection of aleatoric virtual piano compositions produced through human-plant collaboration. To create the work, Tynan implemented chance-based devices including dice rolling, a virtual instrument algorithm, and bio-sonification, the process of turning the electrophysiological processes of living entities into sound. Compositional limitations informed by American composer John Cage and ambient music pioneer Brian Eno were applied to indeterministic passages of MIDI data collected from plants’ electrical signals. The work explores the vacillation between power and powerlessness and the horror and mystery that characterises living in the Anthropocene, a proposed geological epoch that acknowledges the magnitude and scale of human-induced changes to Earth’s biogeochemical cycles.

Tynan is also involved in an ongoing collaborative project called Paradise's Parasite, where he explores the sound identities of the Australian bush as a place of solace and estrangement. Paradise's Parasite aims to create an ecologically-minded dialogue across Australian and Chinese cultures about the parasitic relationships humans have with the natural world. The first iteration of the project brought together likeminded artists Lianxi Zhang, Brenton Rossow, Harrison See and Darren Tynan, who drew attention to environmental issues through collaborative interdisciplinary arts practice. As part of the project, Rossow and Tynan exhibited an audiovisual meditation at Huijang Gallery at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology in 2017. After two successful exhibitions in Shanghai, the four artists saw great potential in extending the project further and Paradise's Parasite III was exhibited in July 2018 at Project Spectrum, Edith Cowan University, Perth. 

Solo Exhibitions 

Fear of Missing Out, Toong, Saigon, Vietnam, September 2018

Group Exhibitions

The Noise We See, The Hummingbird Cafe, Saigon, Vietnam, July 2019
Paradise’s Parasite III, Project Spectrum, Perth, Australia, 2018
Paradise's Parasite II, Yinghuang Tea Rooms, USST, Shanghai, China, 2017
Paradise’s Parasite, Dream Wharf, Shanghai, China, 2017 
Paradise's Parasite, Huijian Gallery, Shanghai, China, 2017
Blink Photographic Awards, Perth, Australia, 2016 
Exhale, Huijian Gallery, Shanghai, China, 2016 
Exhale, Gallery 25, Perth, Australia, 2016 
25 Under 25 Exhibition, Moore Gallery, Fremantle, Australia, 2015

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Academic works

 Tynan, D. (2020). Aleatoricism and the Anthropocene: Narrowing the divide between humanity and nature through chance-based art research. Honours thesis, Murdoch University. Retrieved from https://researchrepository.murdoch.edu.au/id/eprint/59667/


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