Darren Tynan is an interdisciplinary artist, researcher, and educator from Perth, Western Australia. He has exhibited work in solo and group exhibitions and collaborated with artists in Australia and abroad. Tynan’s research interests include Anthropocene studies, eco-horror, glitch art, aleatoric composition, and applications of machine learning in digital media. As an artist, Tynan uses chance-based processes and explores technical malfunction as a mode of creativity. He has recently incorporated machine learning technology into his artistic practice, such as generative adversarial networks, text-to-image generation, and autoregressive language models.

Solo Exhibitions 

Fear of Missing Out, Toong Galleries, Saigon, Vietnam, September 2018

  • A photography series that documented video compression errors using broadcasts from free-to air Australian television signals. The work explored transmission glitches as a serendipitous phenomenon and creative tool in the photographic process.


Humans of Uncanny Valley, Project Spectrum Space, Perth, Australia, March 2022

  • Humans of Uncanny Valley is an exhibition by interdisciplinary artist Darren Tynan and Digital Penetration, the solo electronic project of Sage J Harlow. The exhibition consisted of computer-generated digital images, video animations, writing, and soundscapes that explore the concept of the uncanny in digital media spaces created with machine learning technology.

Group Exhibitions

The Noise We See, The Hummingbird Cafe, Saigon, Vietnam, July 2019

  • Exhibition by Vietnamese and international artists showcasing alternative printing methods, advanced editing techniques, and experimental approaches within digital photography.

Paradise’s Parasite III, Project Spectrum, Perth, Australia, 2018

  • A reinterpretation of the Paradise’s Parasite I & II exhibitions from China and Australia, using sculpture, assemblage, and mixed media to create a dialogue between China and Australia about the human impact upon the environment.

Paradise's Parasite II, Yinghuang Tea Rooms, USST, Shanghai, China, 2017

  • Exhibition by Chinese and Australian artists engaging in ecologically-minded conversations through interdisciplinary artworks.

Paradise’s Parasite, Dream Wharf, Shanghai, China, 2017

  • Collaborative exhibition meditating upon parasitic relationships humans share with the natural world.

Paradise's Parasite, Huijian Gallery, Shanghai, China, 2017

Exhale, Huijian Gallery, Shanghai, China, 2016

  • Group photojournalism exhibition focusing on the lives and stories of Chinese citizens.

Exhale, Gallery 25, Perth, Australia, 2016

Shanghai Street Photography, Gehui's Studio, Shanghai, China, 2016

  • Group exhibition of street photography captured in Shanghai.

25 Under 25 Exhibition, Moore Gallery, Fremantle, Australia, 2015

  • A curation of sculpture, video, sound, painting, drawing, and installation from young and early-career West Australian artists.

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Academic works

 Tynan, D. (2020). Aleatoricism and the Anthropocene: Narrowing the divide between humanity and nature through chance-based art research. Honours thesis, Murdoch University. Retrieved from https://researchrepository.murdoch.edu.au/id/eprint/59667/

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